Sunday, January 9, 2011

sarah palin & the aesthetics of violence

A startling 2009 portrait of Sarah Palin by painter Daisy Rockwell (aka Lapata), based on this photograph.  Rockwell's statement about the work is eerily prescient in light of recent events:
The rasa of violence, featuring Sarah Palin

Himsa means ‘violence’ in Hindi/Sanskrit. These paintings depict the disturbing and fascinating former/future politician and television personality Sarah Palin in poses of violence, one of her preferred rasas. Though it is amusing to see an attractive woman posing with guns or dead animals, we must also remember that her iconography is far more powerful than her less than coherent use of language. For those who adore Palin, it is images such as these that speak louder than words, and her self-presentation as a warrior princess that could have disturbing consequences in the era of the War on Terror.
Other images from the series here. Related: the difference between Sarah Palin and pit bulls.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Here's to the continued possibility of newness in this crazy world...